Rupa.Jr 한재문은 마술, 마임, 저글링, 풍선아트, MC가 모두 가능한 만능 엔터테이너 퍼포머입니다.

가장 주 분야는 마술이며, 키딩쇼에서는 위에 있는 모든 장르를 관람하실 수 있습니다.

3개국어(한국어, 영어, 중국어) 소통이 가능하여 국내뿐만이 아닌 호주, 말레이시아, 싱가폴, 인도네시아 등

해외 공연경력 또한 2000회 이상입니다.

공연시간은 30~40분으로 유동적이며 남녀노소 모두가 즐길 수 있는 콘텐츠로 진행됩니다.

위 프로필 영상에 짧게 나마 공연 구성요소를 확인해 보실 수 있습니다.

경력과 사진은 다음 페이지를 참고해주세요~ 감사합니다.


Rupa.Jr (Jaemoon Han) is a professional street performer from South Korea.

He is professional at magic, juggling, mime, balloon art, MC.

The main part is Magic, You can watch all genres in Kid-ing Show.

He can speak English, Chinese, Korean. He has made over 2000 shows

Show time is 30~40 minutes. You can watch short clip on this video.

At the age of 19, he started to work in a magic company, he made his several stage shows and gained a lot of experiences.

Within a year, he started busking shows on the streets in Korea and Australia.

While in Australia, he showed his audiences the Korean culture as well.

He felt joyful when he gave happiness to his audiences through his performances.

After Australia, he received an invitation from Malaysia to represent South Korea

in the International Buskers Festival in Malaysia held in Genting Highlands, a hill resort.

He performed his busker shows there for several months.

He also made a short trip to Singapore to perform at IBM, also performed on Orchard Road, a huge retail and entertainment hub of Singapore.He has busked in many countries.

As a professional street performer from Korea right now he is getting a lot of invitations.

He wishes to be given more opportunities to improve his performance and  promote Korean culture.